Call for Papers 2022 (No. 1)


Respectable Authors, Dear Readers!

The Editorial Board of Miscellanea Historico-Iuridica is proud to announce the call for texts for no. 1 of volume XXI (for the year 2022) of our journal.

In 2021, 140 years have passed since the first Polish attempt to edit sejmik (land assembly) files. In 1881, Franciszek Kluczycki published the laudum of the Sandomierz voivodeship of 1672. From that moment, a long process of publishing sejmik acts began, during which periods of publishing revival alternated with times of stagnation. In the 21st century, thanks to the National Program for the Development of Humanities, we are dealing with an incomparable intensification of the work in history. A dozen or so multi-person research groups have been established or are being formed all over Poland, which deal with the editing of sejmik materials of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania voivodeships. Spectacular editorial achievements begin to translate into opportunities for in-depth historical and legal research. Therefore, the leitmotif of one of the issues for 2022 we announce:

Editions of source sejmik files (past - present - future)

The Editorial Board of Miscellanea Historico-Iuridica invites You to submit scientific articles, source publications and reviews. The planned issue for 2022 is to concern the land sejmik (land assemblies) problems. The theme of the volume will be:

  1. Source editions of sejmik acts:
    a) editorial issues related to monumental editions presenting the achievements of noble self-government in the early modern era,
    b) reviews of volumes of sejmik files,
    c) source editions of selected documents related directly or indirectly to sejmik lauds.
  2. The state of research on land sejmiks - we are interested in both a synthetic approach and detailed analytical works.

We invite You to send Your texts by 30 June 2022. We kindly ask the authors to read the technical requirements in the "For authors" tab on the journal's website.