Wacław Makowski o radzieckim prawie karnym


  • Mariusz Mohyluk


Soviet penal law, sovietology


Wacław Makowski (1880–1942) was an outstanding Polish politician, lawyer and scientist. He was one of the authors of the 1932 criminal code and of Polish constitution of 1935 (so called April Constitution). His scientific interests included also Soviet penal law. He wrote the preface to Soviet Penal Code of 1927 (Kodeks karny Rosji Sowieckiej 1927, Warszawa 1928). His critical remarks on Soviet penal law, although not very spacious, are important, because he questioned common opinion in the scientific Western world about this law. He criticized opinion that Soviet penal law was based on views of the Italian school of positive law. He started the discussion on Soviet penal law in Polish jurisprudence. This discussion seemed to be very interesting, but it was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II.




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