Stosunek Czesława Znamierowskiego do filozofii Immanuela Kanta


  • Karol Kuźmicz


Czesław Znamierowski (1888-1967) is an author of an original theory of law, in which he developed the concept of social phenomena. He was analyzing the ways of constructing and reasoning of moral and legal norms. His works play important role in the development of Polish philosophy of law. Czesław Znamierowski represented critical approach to German Idealism. However you can find links between his views and Kant’s practical philosophy and especially Kant’s deontological ethics. In this context you can point relations between Znamierowski’s concept of common goodwill and Kant’s practical imperative.




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Stosunek Czesława Znamierowskiego do filozofii Immanuela Kanta. (2007). Miscellanea Historico-Iuridica, 5, 77-94.

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