Surrogacy and adoptions – symbiosism or concurrence?


  • Katarzyna Bagan-Kurluta


adoption, inter-country adoption, surrogacy, surrogacy agreement, the Ha- gue Conference on Private International Law


Adoption is an institution as old as the world, created by Roman law and today present in the law of almost every state. International adoptions have become popular in the second half of the twentieth century; surrogacy, although already used in ancient times – has become useful together with artificial human reproduction methods. International adoptions and surrogacy are often regarded as wrong, associated with child trafficking and exploitation of women – hence the restrictions and prohibitions concerning them. Nevertheless, they are still serving the purpose of being a parent. That is why, despite evil perceptions, they are considered useful – and therefore they are accepted and used. Will the greater popularity of surrogacy influence the number of international adop- tions? Is it possible to introduce international regulation eradicating the risks associated with surrogacy? The article is an attempt to deal with these questions.




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