Rozwody w Anglii – krótka historia sekularyzacji małżeństwa


  • Katarzyna Bagan-Kurluta


divorce, England, jurisdiction, marriage, equality.


From the times of William the Conqueror to 1858, jurisdiction in all marriage matters belonged to the ecclesiastical courts. The courts decided the cases applying the canon law. Marriage, as an institution of the canon law, was also the sacred sacrament. As a consequence, it was treated as an indissoluble union, lasting until the death of one spouse. Although it seemed that the idea of indissolubility of marriage was widely accepted, actions taken by people from various social layers were in contradiction to it. Since 1858 to the third decade of XX c. the English law of divorce was largely changed. This changes were accompanied by the transformation in social consciousness, that is why marriage has never been seen as before.



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