The image of domestic partnerships in Polish social campaigns between 2004 and 2013


  • Anna Leszczuk-Fiedziukiewicz


social campaigns, domestic partnerships, equality, stereotypes, marriage and family


Partnerships and their status are the subject of public debate, which began in Western Europe a few years ago and recently came to Poland. The topics of discussion are legal, economic and social solutions (including inheritance and the adoption of children) and mostly the goal of these debates is to establish equal rights of marriage and domestic partnership. Supporters of same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships are demanding equal and free functioning in the social space, at the same time alleging discrimination by Polish legislation, the institutions of government and the (so-called) majority of the public. Social campaigns on domestic partnerships (and homosexual relationships) are an at- tempt to break down stereotypes and cultural taboos that were built over the years around these topics. The aim of this paper is the study of Polish social advertisements seeking an answer to, what styles of rhetoric and visual techniques are mostly used to highlight the problem of partnerships’ discrimination and to generate a new social approach in the common mind of Polish society.




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The image of domestic partnerships in Polish social campaigns between 2004 and 2013. (2014). Miscellanea Historico-Iuridica, 13(2), 353-389.

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