Czeskie prawo rodzinne: powrót do europejskiej tradycji prawnej


  • Zdeňka Králíčková


Czech family law


It is commonly known that family law in each country is based on tradition, culture, religion and that it reflects the society in each country. It is certain that anywhere in the world family law cannot be changed, so as to say, over night and at all costs, and even less so by the experimental institutions. However, after the second world war, due to works of Czechoslovak-Polish Commission, a lot of changes occurred in Czech Family Law. Some of them were positive, some negative: Czech family law was designed according to the Soviet model. Of course, the key changes in the Czech legal order – and in family law – have already occurred and had to occur immediately after the year of 1989, especially in the light of human rights standards in Europe. Despite radical changes in the countries of the disintegrated Soviet Union and countries of its political influence, the Czech lawmakers have been hesitating from day to day with recodification of family law within new Civil Code. The result of the development after the year 1989 is a bleak provisional situation. At present family law is included in the draft of Civil Code, which is now discussed in the parliament. The Czech family law is returning to European legal tradition.




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