735 lat zwalczania i... Rzecz o korupcji w Rosji


  • Katarzyna Laskowska


Russia, corruption


The phenomenon of corruption in Russia, shown in the historical perspective, is described here by changes of legislation in this matter throughout the ages. It is clearly seen that changes of legal regulation tried to penalize many new aspects of bribery and to increase of penalty. The attitude of the society, both Russian and Soviet, shows that legal regulations have been ignored not only by citizens, but also by the state’s officers. The scale of corruption now and damages it causes is an evidence that there is no effective system of protection against these crimes in Russia.


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735 lat zwalczania i... Rzecz o korupcji w Rosji . (2009). Miscellanea Historico-Iuridica, 8, 41-58. https://miscellanea.uwb.edu.pl/article/view/331

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