Cohabitation in Polish commercial law


  • Agnieszka Malarewicz-Jakubów
  • Renata Tanajewska


cohabitation, marriage, commercial law, freedom


The aim of the article is to show the problems connected with the institution of cohabi- tation in Polish commercial law. Cohabitation does not directly occur in the regulations. However, this does not mean that it does not occur in the operation of commercial com- panies. Commercial law serves the implementation of projects by individuals. Natural persons choose the type and size of these projects without restraint. The institution of cohabitation is an expression of the freedom involved. Cohabitants, like spouses, can pursue an economic activity, regardless of its organizational and legal form. It also me- ans that cohabitation is an institution that allows to circumvent the limitations which are addressed to spouses and connected with commercial law. This situation is possible, since this is an informal relationship and is not subject to any records.




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