The issue of law-abidingness in 1956 “The Law and the Life”


  • Krzysztof Żochowski


“Law and Life”, rule of law, People’s Republic of Poland, Polish October 1956, Association of Polish Lawyers


A short-term change of the political climate in Poland in 1956 gave an opportunity to start an open discussion (as the realities of that time) about the condition of obeying the law, proper understanding of the rule of law and “errors of the past”. A major part of this discussion went on pages of new bi-weekly magazine “Law and Life” created by the Association of Polish Lawyers. In the course of this discussion, the Soviet patterns which blurred the meaning of those terms, were left. Newly defined, they described numerous contradictions prior to 1956. Subsequently the discussion focused on the problem of ensuring law-abideness in the judiciary and the administration.




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