Dyskusja nad projektem kodeksu karnego z 1956 r. w czasopismach prawniczych


  • Diana Maksimiuk


Draft of penal code 1956


After World War II the communists, who took power in Poland, did not abolish the old penal code from 1932. However, the new acts on penal law were passed and they were undermining the old system and in fact creating the new one. This situation was criticized by new authorities and in 1950 works on new penal code were inaugurated. It was expected that new code will be ready in one year. However, the reality was completely different and the penal code of so called People’s Poland came into force not earlier than in 1970. The works on new penal code have been going on for a very long time. The Ministry of Justice prepared first draft in 1956. It was published and consulted among specialists. The penal lawyers criticized the draft strongly and it was rejected. The rejection was connected with the new era in communist Poland after Stalin’s death.




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